Lent Services

During the season of Lent, we are going through a sermon series on resurrection. We are looking at both Old and New Testament examples of resurrection as we anticipate the celebration of the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ during Holy Week and culminating in our worship together on Easter Sunday.

Death and Resurrection are a theme throughout the whole of Scripture’s story. We have already seen this in our sermon series. From God giving new life after the flood through Noah and his family to Daniel being saved from death in the lion’s den, from God creating all life through Adam and Eve to God giving new life in heaven in the book of Revelation and everything in between, the Scriptures show us that our God is a God of life!

Here are a few more interesting examples of death and resurrection in the scriptures that I will not have the opportunity to cover during this sermon series:

2 Kings 13:20-21     A man comes back to life after touching the bones of the dead prophet Elisha.

2 Kings 4         This chapter contains 4 different stories which all show that our God is a God of life. God miraculously provides food, raises someone from the dead, cures a deadly poison and miraculously provides food again!

Matthew 9:18-26    Jesus heals one woman and raises another from the dead.

Derek Campbell